About Abbeville Art

Offering an exclusive portfolio of contemporary pieces for individual interiors and an experiential fine art journey.

Founded in 2021 by multi award-winning fine jewellery designer and artist Victoria Barker, Abbeville Art is an independent gallery in the heart of Abbeville Village. A stone's throw from Clapham Common, we serve the art needs of London and beyond sourcing work from the best established and emerging visual artists.

We make it easy for you to visualise art in your interiors with our 'virtual wall' service. Simply send us some images and the dimensions of your intended space and we can show you how the art will look in situ.

We are one of the few galleries installed with colour-change bulbs, allowing us to display art under different styles of lighting. Have you noticed how most galleries display their artwork under cool white or daylight bulbs, and yet your interior probably has warm bulbs? By switching to warmer light, we can replicate the mood of your installation environment, enabling you to make a better informed decision with your purchase.

Bespoke consultancy for private and public interiors

At Abbeville Art, we like to describe ourselves as 'art detectives' because we will source artwork that satisfies your specific taste and preferences so it is ideal for your interior. We do this by gathering information about your personal style and the intended space in which the artwork is to be enjoyed

This includes taking measurements and colour samples, observing lighting and decor and asking you questions about your likes and dislikes. This information will be used to formulate a bespoke art plan that will enable us to help you select the perfect artwork for your interior.

Perhaps you have specific space in mind to fill or require an art theme for an entire building, restaurant or office. We are happy to offer a free, no obligation consultation.

We share art and artists with our companion gallery, The Barker Gallery, established in 1999 by artist Jon Barker. Situated in Eton, Berkshire, the gallery is a five-minute walk from Windsor Castle.