Amelia Butler - Biography

Amelia Butler is a local artist based in Clapham, London who uses bold and vibrant colour to celebrate body positivity and the beauty of the human form, since launching her first pieces in 2021.

Amelia has a playful approach to her use of colour, and uses acrylics, a fast drying paint to marry her colourful layering technique.

“I walk into my art space, turn the music up and have a painting party when I work on my pieces. From the moment I pick up my paintbrush, I get into my ‘art zone’ and find the process hypnotising as I add layer upon layer of different colours. In terms of reaching completion, each painting is different; It can take weeks or sometimes months to know if a painting is done so I repeatedly revisit the canvas before I reach a ‘stage of contentment’ where there is physically nothing more I want to do to change it”

“Ultimately, I want my artwork to spark conversation when you walk into a room and I hope their striking colour and beauty will put a smile on your face”.

Follow Amelia on TikTok @ameliabutlerart and Instagram @ameliabutler_art to watch her bring her painting process to life.