Andrzej Szymczyk - Biography

Andrzej Szymczyk is a figurative sculptor based in London. Born in Krakow, Poland, he graduated with an MA in Fine Arts in the faculty of Sculpture from The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2012 and also studied at Newcastle University. Exhibited in Poland, Germany and the UK. He is a member of RSMA, SSS and Bow Arts Trust and was awarded with RSMA New Generation Award 2019.

"I’m trying to produce sculptures that capture the character and likeness, which is different from the actual reality. I’m interested in subjective perception more than scientific measurements. Like a poet describing an event in comparison to a journalist - although less factual may nevertheless reveal truths that you won’t find in dry facts. I am expressing my mind with three-dimensional form in space and scale relating to the viewer. I manipulate, distort, add and remove proportions, tensions, weights and scale in order to achieve the desired feeling in relation to the sculpture. The subject’s movement and balance are important for me to be included in the piece to express its nature.

I take inspiration from the surrounding world. It can be a childhood memory as well as an impression from my travels. I especially enjoy diving, which gives me access to the fascinating underwater world full of amazing and inspiring creatures. 

I can imagine where the tales about sea monsters come from. The impression you get of a creature in its natural environment and your body present and exposed for direct interaction with it is far away from studying its subject in laboratory, library or home-safe environment. I am trying to capture my impression rather than recreate anatomically accurate representation of the creature. 

When I encounter animals, I look into their eyes and try to connect on a very basic level. I am trying to resonate with their state of mind.

I have practised judo since I was seven and competed at high international levels. The discipline has a significant impact on every aspect of my personality. The mindset of judo is also the way in which I approach my life. For me it means dealing with problems and tasks in resourceful ways and never settling for anything less than the absolute best. In terms of my sculpture, I require myself to be perfect at every stage along the way to completing a finished piece.  These highest standards of perfection are what I strive to live by and are what guide me in my art."