Mark Barry Timmins - Biography

Mark Barry Timmins

"My paintings are like terrains that I am dropped into. Each one a journey to undertake without judgement. A maze or a story to get lost in.

Sometimes I see a recognisable image or narrative. I am reacting to a memory that occasionally imposes upon these new forms and perhaps harmonises with them. Ultimately these images are not mine but my experience with them is as they evolve.

There is mystery in shapes and lines. I am attempting to allow this mystery, not to fully understand it. Understanding it would be trying to make sense of something simply beyond my comprehension. I just want to dance with it, enjoy it, appreciate it.

The mystery and magic of new lines and marks. Chaos giving way to a new vision. Something you have never seen before.

A humbling moment to witness.

As a painter you are present…it is enough.

Ego is absent because you are witnessing formation of images that are coming through you…but are not from you."