Sophie Hannah - Biography

Sophie Hannah is an artist and photographer based in Windsor. She works predominantly with acrylics, spray paints and gold/silver leaf.

“I am constantly inspired by water, reflections, and nature as well as the contrasting architecture that often sits against these backdrops. I have always had a love of Japanese watercolour and ink art as well as Japanese symbols, I think this is often at the back of my mind when I am painting.

Travel is a passion of mine and I often think about the places I have visited while I am painting. The blues, whites and blacks of the Icelandic icebergs against the volcanic coastline. The terracotta rooftops against the bright blue sky in Porto. The golden glimmers of sunlight reflecting off the sea. These images are constantly with me."

Sophie tries to use recycled canvasses wherever she can. “There are so often old canvases that people no longer want in their house, so I like to give them a new life. And I love the idea that there are layers of stories on these canvases.”