Art on Approbation

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing art is how it will look in your home. As such, we are happy to allow the work into your home on approbation for a few days, to determine that its the right piece for the right place. You can use the contact form below to contact us and arrange.

Here are some points to consider.

Many home interiors do not incorporate advanced lighting unlike a gallery space that has dedicated and specialised lighting designed to display the work at its very best, feel free to ask us to adjust the lighting to similar levels to your home.

Art can look very different under cold or warm lighting, again, we are happy to show you both and the effect it can have.

A painting seen on a gallery wall will look very different when surrounded by home furnishings, most pieces will look better in the home as the right piece of art will “finish” the room.

Its important to have a feel for the basic measurements of your space before you start. A simple way to determine the size is to take tape / cut some newspaper and place it in the space your looking to use to hang your new work.

Even with all this preparation, there will be times when you are just not sure and we are happy to afford you the opportunity to see the work in your home.

Additional points to consider
2 or 3 days is normally enough to make a decision, if after 3 days your not sure, its likely that the art is not the correct piece for you or that space.

Don’t let other people make a decision for you. Art is subjective, some will love it, some not so much, your the one who will be living with it, so buy what you like.